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June 26, 2009



write a letter to each of these places:
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
California Society of Pediatric Dentistry
American Orthodontic Society
American Dental Association
American Society of Pediatric Dentistry


OMGosh! Corina, I'm so sorry that happened to your little girl :( I hope that she heals up soon and hope that she let's you take her to another dentist. That's horrible that someone like that is practicing, especially with kids :( Take good care Corina :)


I would be livid! Definitley report him! I know with my insurance I can report doctors as well and they may remove them from being able to accept our insurance!


BTW- Peytan had to have oral sedation as well for an MRI when he was 2 and this NEVER happened.

Kara (MommySpice)

Amber gave you some great advice. Definitely follow through and write letters. I totally would not take my child to a dentist like that. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! :(


We have a wonderful pediatric dentist. We have had extensive dental work and this is not the norm.

sorry. we've had dental nightmares before but with another dentist.


oh corine im sorry this has happened and i hope it doesnt put her off dentists now,hugs to you


That is terrible. I can't believe that happened at a "paediatric' dentist. I hope her next dental experience is much better.

Catherine Dewbre

That is HEARTBREAKING. Maybe also write a letter to the Better Business Bureau.


You should absolutely report the dentist! What happened to your daughter was wrong and should be reported.


OMG! As the mother of a 3 year old little girl, I would be as livid as you about this! I totally agree about writing letters to above mentioned places. And I hope this doesn't traumatize her for future visits to a much better dentist!


Um, no, that dentist is WRONG! The child should NOT have a fat lip and a bruised eye as a result of dental procedures. Our dentist won't even let us use words like "shot," "needle," and "drill" because he doesn't want the kids to be scared before hand. He shows them each instrument he's going to use in their procedure before he starts and explains what it'll do in terms they can understand. My 8yo had to get a filling for the first time, and the hardest part was he said his mouth hurt from having to keep it open so long. Kids should NOT be traumatized by doctors or dentists. I just can't believe that dentist and her office acted that way.


Oh my God! That's awful! Write to all the places listed in the 1st comment! This 'dentist' shouldn't be practising - especially with children! Good luck!

Lena Brandenburg

I would also be writing letters...but knee jerk reaction is to call the police. He assaulted your child, plain and simple.

What a putz.


And that's a PEDIATRIC dentist? Even our "normal" dentist doesn't do this, especially not the first time! He only looks then and lets them get used to the tools and stuff, not a full-blown filling job and everything! Not to speak about the way she handled your kid. Here in Holland you can call the Medical Disciplinary Board for things like this. I certainly would, this is terrible.
And they obviously know they are wrong or they wouldn't lie so hard, looks like it's not the first time either. I'd look for other parents with similar experiences, so your case is stronger.
Hugs to your little one!


Wow, that dentist should not be working with CHILDREN, geez! What a nightmare, I hope the poor girl is doing better today, I can't imagine that happening to Sarah.


I would definetely take her to her pediatrician so that it's on her medical record what happened. They may have more specific info on how/where to report this kind of thing in your area. I would also report to the BBB and your insurance as well if you have dental insurance. They have more pull in these types of things and will be better able to back you in your dispute with the dentist.

I would definetely dispute the bill for the medication that she wasn't given but you were charged for.

It's a good thing that both you and your husband were in the exam room with her. Then it's more than one person's word against the office. To me that is just complete ABUSE!!!! I probably would have called the police before I even pulled out of the driveway if that were one of my boys. Unbelievable!!! And the reaction from the staff and the dentist completely unacceptable!

I hope she heals quickly and that you can find an awesome dentist in the near future!


Wow, that is just terrible! I'm so sorry that you all had to go through this! I have had some bad experiences with dentists myself, as an adult, and that's bad enough. Now your poor little girl will really need to deal with some issues before she can calmly see the dentist again and that's just so sad.


Oh my goodness, Corina!! That is just awful!! Poor baby!! There's just no excuse for that. I'm so sorry that you and Makena had to go through that. I can only imagine what might have happened if you and your husband weren't there...geesh!! Scary thought!! Poor little girlie...I hope she feels better!! :(

Miki Ferkul

OMGosh Corina- my heart breaks for your poor little girl. Please write to everyone you can- the ladies have given you wonderful advice. No child should undergo this sort of *care*.


Oh, C! I'm soooo sorry!

I had horrible teeth as a child, and fortunately, my parents found a ped. dentist that was great - I didn't even discover until I was older that Novocaine isn't very effective on me - he did such a good job with pain management, etc. Going to the dentist now is a different story! lol

I hope you find another one that will take care of your little girl better - and yes, I've had sealants put on my teeth in my teens, and they prevented soooo many cavities! Even now it's a good idea for Makena!


That is just awful, and it's just ridiculous that the dentist wouldn't take any responsibility. I mean, most children don't like the dentist. Most children don't sit still for the dentist. ALL dentists that go into pediatric dentistry know that.

Can you contact the Better Business Bureau? Or maybe call your local newspaper or news station? We have a station here that "outs" bad businesses. That would really get her if you could do that.

Diane E

OMG!!! Girl...I am SOOOOO sorry this happened to you guys! Especially after all the stress and worries you were having have such a horrible uncaring experience!! Especially when this is a dentist that is "supposed" to be a kids specialist....and to be so nonchalant and blow you off like that without showing any remorse or concern...pisses me off....especialy when something like that happens to a child...They were probably trying to cover their asses...but still...that is truly disgraceful. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I hope you find a new dentist that will be amazing and will wipe this bad experience away...BIG hugs for Makena!!


You should definitely file a complaint with the california department of consumer affairs:

and the California board of dentistry

Then look for a new dentist. I can recommend an fantastic one in Rancho Bernardo if you're interested.


Are you kidding me?? Your poor baby :( THIS is exactly why (besides costs) that a lot of people are afraid to go to the dentist!! I would definitely sue!! Take her to the Dr. get it all down and sue, sue, sue!! I'm sure there are attorneys who would take this pro-bono. This person should NOT be a pediatric dentist if a dentist at all and maybe a big fat law suite would drive that one home!

We had a bad experience with a pediatric ophthalmologist but not to this extent. Good luck and seriously think about going the legal route.

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