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February 20, 2007



Good luck for changes :) and thanks for a lovely freebie


I will have to change your address on my blog now.

i think you have your name.

Be Bold
Be Funky, Be Fresh!


Woohoo!! Awesome blog! Your pic is hot!! :D
Great contest girl!! The papers look beautiful. ;)
See ya girl!


Love the B/W of it all. ;)

Black Tie Only or Black Tie Required


welcome to your new blog! i'm horrible with names but it reminds me of the black dress that everyone HAS to have!

off to put your new blog on subscribe!

Mary E

Wow love the new blog. Your picture looks beautiful. I stink at names, but I'll give it try, how about, "The Dark Side" Thanks for the beautiful (freebie)gift.


Thanks for the freebie, it looks fantastic.


These papers are smokin' hot! Well, that might work for a name! :)

Or...moonlight's shadows, midnight romance, Classy Chic, Springtime storm, Evening's radiance

I asked my two-year old son what you should name them and he said "Pretty!" LOL!!

Julie Lopez

Well I suck at names. How 'bout my pet name for you-"sexy bish"
Loving the new bloggy! Can't see the banner at the top though!

Dale Ann

Beautiful papers! Your blog looks great!

How about "Dreaming In Black & White."


Just wanted to say that your new blog looks awesome! That pic is totally "hubba hubba". Oh, and can't wait for the grand reopening of FPD. YIPPEE!!!!


Thanks for the freebie. Likin that paper pack... how about "Simplicious... (combo of Simply Delicious).


Little Black Book
Black is Back
Color Inside the lines
Color Outside the Lines
It's Never Just Black & White


How 'bout

Little Black Dress Redux
Botanical Basics


how about Ebony and Ivory


How bout "li'l black dress" or "an evening date" or "evening elegance"


Love the new blog, Corina. Looks great!

The first thing that came to mind for the papers was "Fantasies & Delusions" Yes, Delusions, not Illusions, lol!


My submission is "Monochromatic."

Thank you for the freebie. I dl it from the DST link - the one here didn't work for me.

Stephanie C

Huh. I thought I left some love this morning! Hmmm...
How about:
Basically Black
Back in Black
Right Black at Ya

Nice blog and Smokin' hot pic! :) Thanks for the freebie!


What about "B(l)ack to the Basics"


I've been buying suits lately and that looks like a lot of the things I've been looking at:

Suited for Success!


I forgott the name for kit, thanks for remember me Corina ;)

I'm terrible with names but try

"Funky Chess"
"Breakfast at Tiffany´s" (like the movie)

Love black & white colors :-)


Love the new blog Corina! There are such great names already here... but here's my few.

Garden of Good and Evil
Black Orchid
Opposites Attract
Salt and Pepper


How about Funky Basics or Little Black Dress....

Good luck with the reopening & love your new blog!!! Great photo of you!


I like

Little Black Dress (think this one might have already been suggested?)
Black to Basics
A Formal Occasion
A Formal Affair

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